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Soap! A basic necessity!

I began making soap to fill a basic need for myself, and by sharing with friends, it has gone beyond just "me"!


Squeaky clean!

Do you remember the television commercials for (I believe) dish soap...? Brand X will get your dishes squeaky clean!

My soaps get your skin squeaky clean, and oh, SO SOFT!

By popular request! Here is a list of available scents!

Four (4) or more bars, save $.50 per bar!

  • Beer:30 Irishish Springish     $5.50/bar       
  • Beer:30 Vanilla Sandalwood Almond $5.50/bar
  • Castile Honey Almond $5.50/bar     
  • Castile Orange Peel $5.50/bar
  • Castile unscented $5.50/bar
  • Dixon's Choice Dog bar Eucalyptus orange peel  $5.50/bar 
  • Dixon's Choice Nose to Toes  $4.65/1 oz tin
  • Dixon's Choice Nose to Toes $1.50 for a travel balm tube
  • Dragon's Breath $5.50/bar
  • Goat Castile Cotton Blossom  $5.50/bar     
  • Eucalyptus Mint $5.50/bar
  • Green Tea Irishish Springish  $5.50/bar    
  • Honey Almond $5.50/bar     
  • Honey Beeswax $5.50/bar     
  • Key Lime orange Almond $5.50/bar     
  • Lavender $5.50/bar   
  • Orange peel castile $5.50/bar 
  • Unscented Castile $5.50/bar   
  • Vanilla Sandalwood $5.50/bar
  • Vanilla Sandalwood Patchouli $5.50/bar  
  • I have a special of two (2) bars for $10.00

Shipping for soap is costly, as each bar weighs in at more than 4 ounces, BUT contact me and I can work up a reasonable solution! I know I can fit 4 or 5 bars in a small USPS Priority box   


Made in Berlinsville, PA, USA

My handmade soaps and dog products are made with certified non GMO oils, and the beeswax is local (for the soaps that contain it). I offer soaps both with and without beeswax, and, with and without scent. None of my soaps contain palm oil or artificial colorants 

Also available is, moisture bars made with raw shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax, as well as lip balm made with the same. I hope you enjoy my soaps and moisture bars and balm as much as i do! 

Come See my products at Kushy's Boutique in Berlinsville PA! All items available here are USA MADE!!!!

A little note about Dixon! Dixon is a Basset and Yellow Lab cross, He just turned 13 on March 25, 2019! He is happily retired in Florida, with my daughter (his original person). He was here before his "designer breed" was the "in thing"!


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